Friday, September 5, 2008

Sorry no photo today, just excuses!

Sorry I won't be posting until Sunday at the earliest. Had to work on an upcoming workshop today, then a friend stopped by to scrapbook tonight, tomorrow morning will be going to Cedar Point Amusement Park bright and early and not returning 'til Sunday afternoon. Phew! What have I accomplished in the mean time?? Well, I did a very overdo fall cleaning in my bedroom (picture LOTS of thick dust!)- even pulled furniture out, did woodwork etc. I even found some missing objects and discarded many things! Also, did 6 scrapbook pages tonight and designed a few cards for an upcoming workshop... plus laundry, cleaned kitchen floor, picked up and did dishes. Isn't that enough excuses? Going to bed now.....

Oh, by the way, I was my OWN 14,000th viewer!! How cool is that?!?


  1. Cedar Point? really, I'm so jealous. have fun! I am even more excited to hear that you got to scrap last night! and you did 6 pages-you go girl!

  2. I hope you have a great time at CP. I live in Sandusky. You or someone you know works for Honda? I heard the park was rented out by Honda on Fri. & Sat. We might go on Sunday because it is passholders appreciation day. I will keep checking you blog!


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