Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Tribute

It's been thirteen days now since my mom unexpectedly passed away in her sleep on July 6.  I knew I counted on her, relied on her advice and wisdom, appreciated the selfless, generous things she did for me... I called her all the time for the most mundane things- like paint color and ant problems and especially parenting, but she didn't mind and had such a knack for common sense (that not everyone has I must say!)... but I didn't realize I banked on her always being here.  The morning my dad called at 6am it was the last thing I expected to hear- I didn't even seem to be a joke, just NOT POSSIBLE. 

I'm here at their house in Michigan now, helping my dad in any way I can (which is helping me too) and it still doesn't seem real.  But, my faith is stronger than I realized and I am comforted by all the things my mom loved:  family & friends, sunshine, gentle breezes, ripples on the water, birds at her feeders and the gorgeous blooms in her flower beds. 

Please, for me, take a moment to figure out who your rock(s) is/are in your family and hug them tight, express your love and appreciate evey moment.  I'm so very fortunate to have had the mom that I did and to be left with so many memories and no regrets, no words unspoken, no gesture unappreciated. 

Rest in peace mom.