Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest Overload!

I was sick last week.  A strange kind of illness- didn't feel good sitting... so I kept busy (not working on the wedding invitations I should have been working on but they require sitting).  But look what else I got done- all kinds of Pinteresty things.

 These signs over my kids' toilet.  These things I've said to them probably 9,482 times since they were old enough to do them.  As soon as I saw THIS on Pinterest I knew I had to try my hand at making my own.  Not too hard with My Digital Studio and a HUMONGOUS stash of Designer Series Paper!  Want to try them yourself?  I have shared my files HERE so you can! 

Best part:  recycled frames so cost is $0.  Worst part:  daughter accidentally kneeled on one of the frames at the VERY last step and shattered the glass.  Even worse:  Walmart no longer carries these.  So the WASH sign is laminated with no glass for now.  UGH! 

Notice the ribbons on the shower curtain?  Those are new too.  I went a little nutso!

 Trash to treasure!  An old bookcase of my grandfather's (who passed away in 1995) that my uncle no longer wanted.  The glass is missing from the doors, but I will replace it eventually.  For now, in my haste, I just added some black & white wrapping paper to line the back for FUN and visual interest.  It looks like I've painted it in the after picture, but I haven't YET (just different lighting for the pictures).  I need to take a photo of the vintage, retro door pulls- they are AWESOME!!

Had some left over wrapping paper and this "M" already hanging on the wall so just added a piece to the back for a little change up!  Took less than 2 minutes!

And finally, have you seen all the pins for cleaning up and repurposing old jar candles that are black with soot and have very little wax left?  Well I had a ton of those just taking up needed space.  Wish I would've taken pictures of the process- it was interesting!  I tried a few things and can say- the freezer method did NOT work for me.  I poured boiling water into the candles which melted the wax so it floated to the top and hardened when cool.  Then just take it out and pitch it... or if it is still warm you can roll it into balls and save it to reuse in your wax warmer.  I had a few candles that were much fuller but I was on a roll so I sat those in a pan on the stove with water (maybe 2") and heated until the wax was completely melted then poured the wax into an old ice cube tray.  Again, saved them for my wax warmer. 
These two jars worked perfectly for cotton balls and cue tips in the kids' bath, and I did something similar in my bathroom.  The rest of the jars were put to various other uses, some still empty waiting on a genius idea to strike!  Ooh, already found the idea:  Pinterest to the rescue again!  So doing this one next!
All the while, here is my table of wedding invitations just waiting for me to buckle down.  Actually, I took this picture maybe a month ago.  Happy to report they are all in the final stage (ribbon tying) and I am ALMOST DONE!  If I can stay off Pinterest for awhile I could even finish today. 

Then will be back to stamping again!

Thanks for stopping by!  Sorry for the long absence!!

PS- If you've tried to subscribe lately and it didn't work, well it is working now!  Please try again (in the sidebar on the right!)  UGH:  STILL NOT WORKING.  SORRY- NOT SURE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.