Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holiday Greetings!

Are you ready for that yet- holidays I mean? I'm not sure I am as long as it's still warm out...
This is another of those posts from the past since I am knee-deep in projects and other efforts (think FIL's birthday, me in charge of special lasagna dinner tonight). I thought I'd share this card that is hands-down my most viewed (8574), commented (95) and requested card I've ever made. Isn't that funny?? I mean, I like it but gosh, I like others just as much.
Anyway, I offered directions in my gallery back when I posted this in October 2006 and I am still getting requests for them. Here is the abreviated version: first cut an oval from a sheet of thin typing paper and use it as a reverse mask- meaning lay it over the vanilla cardstock then sponge creamy caramel so make a subtle oval. Before removing the mask stamp trees from Lovely as a Tree and French Script (or other background). Remove the mask then stamp the entire piece with Linen & Weathered background stamps. Next, stamp the large tree and the greeting in craft ink (Handome Hunter in this example) and emboss with clear EP- throw in some dazzling diamonds while you're at it. Mat, layer, add some bradsm mabye some sponging and you're done.
The cool thing is I now see cards often with this basic technique- a masked oval in the background with a larger overlapping image and greeting- and I inwardly smile and take credit. :)
Anyway, maybe tomorrow I'll finish what I'm working on for my niece who just turned one and show it to you. It is so cute so far- if I do say so! I don't think she's blogging yet so it shouldn't ruin the surprise for her.
See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I can see why this got so many comments--it's really beautiful! Isn't it funny how certain cards get all the attention when you like some of your others just as much (or more)? :D


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