Friday, September 26, 2008

Magnet & Coaster Tiles...

MORE craft fair stuff! I have been doing the quickest projects first so dug into my stash of tiles yesterday and stamped on every single one of them! Now I'm bummed I don't have more- the closest store to stock up is about 30 miles away. Anyway, the 2x2's are magnets (or will be when I glue the magnets on) and the 4x4 are tile coaster sets. I made four in each design. They will have corkboard on the back and packaged together somehow, probably with ribbon and a tag. I tried to cover a variety of styles with all of these, and while I certainly don't love all of them I hope someone will!
Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll post the Birthday Invite that my daughter helped design for her party coming up next month. Can I just say that I'm in big trouble with her... she'll be 7 and her design includes chunky glitter, 3 different SU punchs, brads and moving parts!
PS- Isn't early morning sunshine just wonderful?!? That's what I'm grateful for today!


  1. Kristin these are superb! Best of luck at your craft fair! I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. These are awesome!! I'm going to have to find some of those tiny tiles. I've never seen them before and I *LOVE* the magnet idea. Adorable!!

  3. Kristin, these are amazing! you are going to sell all of them. You have been a busy little beaver! I have to go get some of those tiles, you have inspired me as usual!

  4. Gee stop showing me all these awesome tiles!! You are making me want to go buy a bunch of tiles!!! hmmmm they would be good for my workshop next weekend, see.. already justifying it!! LOL

  5. wow..this are wonderful! Bless your heart you are going to do fantastic!!!


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