Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been TAGGED!!

Well, Jackie (aka Strappystamper) told me she tagged me, but I just now figured out what that means... anyway, here goes:

1. Stamping Style: Fresh, clean and simple I suppose, although I enjoy doing elaborate on occasion!
2. Inspiration: Everywhere- blogs, splitcoast, clothing, advertisements...
3. Color: Color is my absolute favorite part of designing- color combo is usually the first thing that draws me to something, and the main thing I notice! In other words, I love all kinds of unusual color combos- colors that you would not immediately think of.
4. Work Space: I have an 8 foot counter with cabinets above and below in my bedroom, but it is SUCH A WRECK most of the time, which is why I spend more time on-line than creating it seems. I've also expanded to a 4 foot folding talbe next to me for scrapping- it is a wreck also!
5. Perfect day: When I get my work (and shower) done first thing in the AM so I have no guilt about stampin' and blogging the rest of the day!
6. First Job: I worked the front desk at our local swimming pool. And yes, I was prank called all day long with requests to please page _______insert ornery name____ that I can't think of right now. Geesh!
7. Wildest dream: I have very detailed dreams which I can then describe in every excruciating detail, but I won't. Not sure that was the question anyway...
8. Ink: Hands down: Stampin' Up!
9. Family: Hubby: Chuck, kiddos: son & daughter, pets: 2 coon dogs and a beagle (Daisy, Sassy and Roscoe)
10. Beverage: (hot) Earl Gray tea, (cold) Aquafina Flavor Splash in Citrus Blend!
11. Biggest Challenge: Being the best parent I can be
So now it's my turn...To the following three ladies...TAG YOU'RE IT!



  1. Congratulations on being a brand new blogger! I just started blogging in January. Your cards and layout are nicely done.

  2. Morning shower?? Wouldn't that me nice! :-)


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