Monday, October 14, 2013

Party This Way!

My baby girl turned 12 this weekend so we had to PARTY!  I'm not a big party planner and most always wait until the last possible minute to consider invitations (or anything else for that matter.  Thanks to my hubby for running to the carryout 10 minutes before party time for hotdog buns!!).  Crazy, I know.  So if you want to find super quick and easy birthday invitations this is the place to look.  LOL!  Actually, this one is a little bit more time consuming than some, but she is a great stamper now so we did them assembly-line-style and cranked them out.  At least we did remember to take a photo.

Have you made your own party invitations recently?  Leave me a link here- I'd love more ideas!

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  1. super cute! love the fun banner. gorgeous colors, too!


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