Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back (temporarily!)

Hee Hee- well, we're back from vacation finally! I'm slowly chugging through the laundry and checking on flight and hotel arrangements for my trip to Utah for SU's Convention next week! I'm so excited! I finally got to meet my formerly on-line (now in real life) pal Lisa Henke while I was in Cincinnati for the day on Wednesday! Hi Lisa! We seem to be just as compatible in person as in blog-land... we even drive the same vehicle (although hers is much newer!). Lisa and I will be roommates and hanging out buddies in Utah- and we are so excited to meet our other GSG and SCS friends!!

Anyway, while I was hanging out in the hotel in Tennessee I had some time to make a few cards with the limited supplies I'd taken. Without further ado, here they are. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, Kristin (waving back at you)! It was so awesome to meet you in person. Tim laughed when I told him "we even drive the same van!" We are going to have a blast in SLC! Love the cards, glad you got to stamp a little while you were away. 4 more days!

  2. These are darlin' Krisitn!!! Hope you have a blast at convention.

  3. Super cute! Fun to see these die cut cards done with something other than Fresh Cuts...I need to try that!


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