Monday, August 4, 2008

Man am I glad to be home after what seems like an entire month away... and guess what, I have no plans on my calendar (or in my head) to go anywhere in the next month or so! That means more stamping!!

Well, convention was incredible and I will probably be sharing stories for a week or more. The absolute best part was meeting up with my Great Swap pals! We had such a blast! I met many, but actually hung out with Lisa Henke (my roomie!), Becky Carafa (our leader), Danielle Lounds, Vera Schoeters (hope I spelled that right!), Denise Hinton and Crystal Birr. Also, a shout out to Suzy Birr (Crystal's MIL who also partied with us!). I also got to meet so many others including Debbie, Mercedes, Kristie, Angie, LeeAnn, Kim and Cindy. Oh, and Brittney from GSG2!

I have a lot of pictures (hopefully) so I'll post some of the best eventually. I got some fabulous swaps- not sure on protocal for posting other people's work... I'll think about that. I'll also be back to post the Make 'n Takes we got to do and my own swaps as well. For now, here's a picture of the GSG gals that met up and swapped at lunch on the first day.

Front left to right: Kristin (me), Becky, Lisa, Crystal
Back left to right: Amgie, Danielle, Mercedes, LeeAnn, Denise, Cindy, Vera, Debbie, Kim, Kristie


  1. Hanging out with all of you was the highlight of my convention, Kristin! And yes, you spelled that right! :-)

  2. yup,i agree with Vera- meeting the GSG and hanging out was a blast - even better than the UPS Bonanza (which is sayin' a lot! lol!)

    Enjoy your free time!!


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