Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost there!

I'm sure you've not been holding your breath, but I'm getting closer to being back to blogging!  I ordered my new laptop on the 27th which was supposed to be delivered today.  It arrived approximately 16 minutes after I left the house for my son's birthday party... so instead of a fun new toy I got a slip from Fedex saying it won't arrive until Monday.  *sob*  (that's me sobbing, no cussing) 

Anyway, tonight I'll be stamping instead of ... well, you know.  But at least I'll have lots of projects to show you when I get back in 2011! 

Have a wonderful and safe New Years!!  My son turns 11 tomorrow so we'll be celebrating with a big family party.    See you next year!  Thanks for not giving up on me!


  1. Glad you're on your way back to blogging! have a great weekend & bd party!! Happy new year! esther


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