Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Father-in-Law- a legend!

I mentioned on my last post some family news that was exciting. I don't have my card ready yet so I thought I'd just share this quickly.

On Monday we had the honor of being invited to the Wilson Football Factory where all the NFL and Super Bowl balls are made. (Oh my gosh, I just found this video.) This factory is in Ada, Ohio and my Father in law worked there for 44 years! He was an excellent employee, showing dedication and an amazing work ethic, and so was honored by having the street in front of the factory renamed to Charles Moore Turn. The word "turn" was chosen because the position he maintained for the entire 44 years was that of a "turner" which is the most physically demanding job in the entire process!

On Monday we enjoyed lunch at Wilson, a press conference with at least 6 TV news cameras, a tour of the factory for the family and cake! The Mayor of Ada also declared Jan. 19th to be from now on called Charles Moore Day! Here are a few photos of the exciting day: first is Charles with the plant manager, a big dog from Wilson and a representative from the NFL. Second picture is of three of the grandsons holding the new street sign in front of the new Super Bowl balls, next is my family, then my FIL holding one of the SuperBowl balls, and my daughter in front of a bin of Super Bowl balls.

Here is the local newspaper's story (photos aren't working apparently, but they used the first one below that I took- does that make me famous??). Here is another story I've found.

All in all, it was a memorable day!
Stop back, I'll have a card in a little bit!


  1. Kristin, I love this!!! What an amazing thing. Such a fun story. Thanks for sharing!! Something to really be proud of! Yeah!

    BTW, I love your haircut! So cute!!!

  2. What an honor for your FiL and what a great way for your kids to witness the work ethic of their grandfather! This will be a great story for them to pass down to their kids.

    I saw an episode of "How It's Made" of the factory making footballs ... very interesting.

  3. wow! I forgot you told he all about his job. this is a great story and a fabulous legacy to pass on forever. Cherished memories, for sure!


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