Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009 is here to stay! I don't know about you but we sure welcomed the new year in redneck style, complete with shooting off guns, banging pots & pans, playing Rock Band on the Wi (or whatever it's called- I'm not a big gamer) and whipping my FIL's keister in Rook!! My DH has a big family so New Year's Eve is always full of loud obnoxious fun! My son enjoyed the celebration for his birthday with so many of his cousins too. Both our kids even ended up spending the night at grandpa's with the cousins so I'm sure the house is still a bit crazy this morning (well, afternoon I guess). We got home at 2am and it fondly reminded me of college days, although I was glad I hadn't over-indulged like in the "old days"!

Hope you also had a fun and safe evening, and are recuperating nicely today! Can you believe it's January already?!?

Anyway, I don't have anything new I've stamped since yesterday so I thought I'd post the hand-made Christmas cards I got this year. I fully intended to post them individually, but for fear of you being SICK OF Christmas cards by now, I put them in one photo. These are from my fellow GSG pals Lisa Henke, Denise Hinton, Becky Carafa; my best friend Nicky Taylor and her mom Carol Pleasant! Thanks for the awesome cards ladies! Mine are not quite in the mail yet... getting closer I think.
PS- sorry about the crummy picture. Obviously I'm still learning!


  1. These are great holiday cards.

  2. Hey, look there's my card ;) Your New Year's Eve party sure sounds fun! We were pretty lame (but that was okay with me) since we were in bed by 10:30. TFS! I also see a Star Santa card (that was my first SU Christmas set!).


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