Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Striving for Clarity

Ooh, looks like I sparked a friendly little debate on my last post.  Thanks for your input- all of it!  For clarification, it is correct to believe that I was not trying to alter my card in anyway, I'm actually quite pleased with it as-is. However, I was trying to increase your viewing pleasure by producing the best possible photograph of my card.  With that said, I do quite agree that my frame or "vignette" as one commenter called it needed to be scaled back a bit.  Wish I knew how because then I think I'd have a happy medium that we might all be able to live with. 

I will continue to play with it and strive for that perfect balance, maybe even with my next post, we'll see.  I do have a card done that I'd like to share, and maybe today is the perfect day to play with my new software since the gloomy rain outside will hinder any chance at a perfect unedited photo. 

In the mean time, thanks again for your constructive criticism and happy stamping!

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