Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Additional Craft Fair Projects

Yep, still playing with fun new projects with more to come! Time is running out- I've got 10 days left.

These are large paperclip bookmarks that are fun to make, and quite easy with the scallop circle punch! I have many many more to make but these are the ones I got done yesterday. Not sure if the picture shows but most of them have a touch of glitter for some bling.

Next up, some beaded pens. Boy are these neat to make! I have learned from trial and error a few things about these. First, bold bright colors work much better than the lighter pastels. And second, if you've perfected random stamping and the "Less is more" theory then this may be a struggle. In the case of these pens "More is More" applies!

I haven't quite finished my domino necklaces. My mom is teaching me how to finish the ends so they look nice. Maybe I'll post what I've got done tomorrow.

So glad you stopped by! ~Kristin~


  1. they are all so pretty. I love those pens! how much micro beads have you gone through?lol! can't wait to see that necklace.

  2. These are beautiful - I bet the sell very well.
    I have a fair coming up in a few weeks - you're a great inspiration!


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