Friday, October 17, 2008

A Quick Note about PMS night tonight!

Sorry but I must cancel tonight's PMS night at my house due to having to set up for my craft fair tomorrow morning! Since I don't require an RSVP I thought I should post this just to be safe. The good news is, once this craft fair is over you won't have to read another word about it!! Well, I guess that's not a promise since I do have another one in November, but THIS ONE you won't have to read about anymore. :) Thanks for stopping by. I may have another post later today with an actual picture of something!

PS- If you're not familiar, PMS night is a free night of Popcorn, Music and Stamping at my house every third Friday where everyone is invited to bring your current craft project and play with my "stuff". Mark your calendars for November- it will be on the 21st from 6-10pm. December's PMS will be cancelled as well (I promised myself last year NO EVENTS in December- even wrote it in big letters on my 2008 calendar!) but we will resume in January!

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