Monday, October 13, 2008

Phew, big weekend!

You can probably tell since I haven't posted since Thursday that it's been a hectic weekend around here. Actually, it wasn't so bad. We just had a football game and overnight on Friday night, then volleyball tournament (yes, we were champs!) on Saturday, plus my sister and niece spent the night on Saturday then my daughter's birthday party on Sunday! I was tired last night by the time it was all said and done, me and the kids ate Cheerios for dinner! Seriously! And they were fine with that... go figure!

Anyway, I did manage to whip up a card for DD just before leaving for the party (at the roller skating rink) but I wanted it to be spectacular and I was in such a rush that it was just so-so. It even made us 10 minutes late to our own party!

It's nice and sunny and beautiful here this morning so I have no excuses for getting lousy pictures of this card. Well, my excuse is my camera. I'm so disappointed with it lately. I need to order a new battery today!!

So this is the front- I used the frame made by cutting out the Top Note on the Sizzix. The butterfly is sparkly and standing out from the paper. On the inside I tried this technique that we learned at Convention for the first time. Making a spiral of paper to attach things to so they spring from the card when it is opened. Well, DD liked it and she had a wonderful time at her birthday party so that is all that matters! I can't believe how time flies and how fast they grow up. Having my 1 year old niece here this weekend gave me a slight twinge of wanting another one! If only to have a child that fits on my lap again. :)
Thanks for stopping by! I'll be furiously working on my craft fair stuff this week so will be busy. Hope to have more pics to post.


  1. I think this is stellar!
    It was worth being late for the party if this is the reason!

  2. It's a lovely card Kristen. I'm sure your daughter loved it! Happy belated birthday to her and congrats on being volley ball champs!


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