Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mosquitoes, eggs & Christmas

Yep, it's gonna be one of those posts. Very random and bizarre in nature! So story first.... I may have mentioned at some point in the past that my kids have been trying to raise some baby painted turtles all summer. Well all was fine until we decided to move them inside for the winter. After maybe 2 days I decided I didn't want the mess and hassle of these indoor creatures and stinking tank and filthy water and trying to keep it all clean during the long cold winter months. I fairly easily convinced them to release the turtles in a neighbor's pond- problem solved. Well, almost. Fast forward two busy weeks with the tank still sitting in the hallway by the kids' rooms. I go to put them to bed tonight (after being gone all weekend) and their rooms are both FULL of mosquitoes!! I kid you not, we actually bred our own mosquitoes. OMG, I couldn't believe it. Long story short, kids helped me anhilate as many as possible then scoop and dump the contents and carry tank outside. Phew! Oh, forgot to mention I also had them cover up in bed and spritzed their rooms with mosquito spray just for good measure.

Now, on to the egg portion of this post. Last week I made myself two fried eggs and am so impatient that while they were cooking I had to run to the computer and browse a few blogs. When I got back they were nearly burnt, but that's not the story. They were in the shape of a butterfly-seriously! I was planning to post the picture I took of them, but it's kind of gross (since they were nearly burnt). I don't know, if enough of you ask I might post it. We'll see.

OK, so if you're still reading you might be interested in some actual stampin' talk! So, I quickly whipped out a Christmas card on Friday before I left for the weekend. So, here it is:

This set, in case you're not familiar with it, is now available in the Holiday Mini Catalog. It is called Home for Christmas and is a set of three. The greeting on the tag that is tucked behind the image says "Though far and wide on earth we roam, at Christmastime our hearts come home."
I wanted to experiment with only coloring some of the image since I'm working on cards for a Stamp-a-Stack that are fairly fast. I like how this turned out I think, although I stamped "A Christmas Wish" at the bottom of the main image and it is not entirely obvious. Might be moving that inside... what do you think? The background is Weathered, which is retired, but I really thought it fit with the rustic feel. I will make a few more this week before I decide for sure if this makes the cut. Anyway, that's long enough! I'd better go iron something. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. now I see which set you decided on for yoru Christmas card class. this is so pretty. I love how you tucked the little tag into it.


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