Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take me out of the ball park!

***Alert: special bragging post. Although there is absolutely no crafting in this posting, my best creations ever are! No offense taken if you aren't interested. I'll be back next week with more cards and stuff.***

Almost done! It's been a long season of baseball this year. My little first baseman finished her season last night. She was glad for it to be over since we get to go visit grandma & grandpa now, but a little bummed about only one win this year.

This guy will be playing with his team for the Championship sometime next week then the traveling team will be left to play. Having three different teams going at the same time got a little crazy.

Thanks for tolerating my non-crafting post about my ball players and my attempt at some creative photography! Be back next week!


  1. Super cute!!!! Thanks for sharing. So fun to see pictures of your kiddies.

  2. LOVE LOVE the last pic... i am sure you could fit in his uniform and play for Hunter if he is ever sick.. you guys have such similar features! Have a great summer!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! great photos!!!

  4. Why are the kids growing up so fast? Wasn't it only yesterday that we were at OU? They are a great mix of you and Chuck! Beautiful children, Kristin!

  5. holy smokes did you get some good shots!!! Love the pics and YEP-they are for sure your best creations ever ;)

  6. Nothing wrong with a little bragging! They ARE the best things you've ever made and your cards and scrapbook pages are pretty good too :)
    I love checking your blog - thanks for the great posts - I've got 3 boys and my posting is off and on depending on how busy we are. I don't know how you do it but you do great! ...and congrats on being an Aunt!
    Kim C.


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