Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cookie Sheet Calendar Accessories

Well, I didn't get as many done as I'd hoped but here are all the accessories I've made so far for my calendar. And I have to say, now that it's been hung up for a whole day I really like it! My kids and DH noticed it right away and want to touch it and play with it. Only regret so far is that the magnets I used aren't that great so my numbers fall off when little fingers are touching it- ugh! I may just break down and buy a pack of the more expensive magnets and fix it up right so I'm not constantly losing my pieces & parts!
Some other ideas I want to make are: First day of school & last day of school (or First day of summer break), a flag for holidays like Memorial Day, Veterens Day, 4th of July etc., I'd love to find a tooth stamp for Dentist Appointment, santa, heart and believe it or not I do not have a stamp that says "Anniversary"- at least not one small enough to punch with a circle. Did you notice the arrows with "No School" on them? That's for having multiple days off in a row, like for Christmas I can just mark the first and the last pointing towards each other. (OK, I know, I'm such a nerd. That's what my DH will probably say.)
What ideas can you think of that I need? I plan to go through my calendar and add them as I need them. That's the fun part of this project- you can change the parts and even months and numbers out if you get sick of them!
I should mention here that everything you see is SUO with one tiny exception (that I can think of) and that is the star shaped gold brad on the chipboard star. If you don't recognize something then you can assume it is likely retired.
Thanks for visiting and for all the sweet comments- they make my day!
(PS- sorry, I cannot figure out why my paragraphs are all run together today. Ugh!)

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  1. these are so, so cute! what a great addition to your calendar. another great project.


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