Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diva Coffee Break Designs #102

OK, so here is my second challenge for Diva Coffee Break Designs, and my first use of the Party Hearty stamp set. Boy did I struggle with this challenge- I love the colors, don't get me wrong. But I'm not used to fitting so many in one design.

Well, I think the only reason it works on this card is because of the row of hats. The large scallop is from the Circle Scallop #2 die for the Big Shot. In fact, I used both sizes- see the smaller one peaking out from behind the large circle?

Anyway, the other things

I used here are the Happy Birthday jumbo wheel, the 1/8" circle punch, 3/4" circle punch (for center image which is raised on a pop dot), the new 1 3/4" circle punch from SU (our biggest circle punch) and the square punch to make the pennant look on the row of hats. Ooh, not to mention the markers in our colors.

Anyway, that's enough details probably. Thanks for stopping by!
Coming tomorrow- Cookie Sheet Calendar Accessories!
Edited to add: much better picture!


  1. Great card Kristin. You really did a nice job with the color combo. The next color combo will only have 3-4 colors ....this was very hard for me too and I don't think many of us had a good time with it...LOL

  2. very cool. love the color combo, will have to try it! I have to know, what is the large circle from? I am trying to figure out the layering of those scallops and deciding if I really want that die.

  3. Sorry Lisa, I hadn't listed the large circle. I've added it now, but it is SU's biggest circle punch, the 1 3/4". I keep forgetting I have it so haven't used it as much yet.

  4. You're right, five colors on one card was a challenge! I think you've done a great job of mastering it and your card is great fun!

  5. Great card! I haven't used that set as much as I thought...yours is a great example!

  6. I love your card. What a nice way to show all the colors in the challenge with one stamp!

  7. Kristin the card is very cute! Nice job on the colors.


  8. Very neat. I am working on getting the Big Shot myself. I like the scallop with the holes around the edges. It makes a card look so much nicer.

  9. I love what you did with this color combination! I think that it's simple.. i'm with you, this was a tough one!

  10. Very nice use of all the colors.

    Vivian Swain


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