Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last round...

(oh boy, now that Jose Cuervo song is going through my head!) ...of pictures from my Craft Fair. Here's a few more of the items I made up for Saturday. The pictures aren't the best because I was really running late on Friday (for set-up) and took these lickety-split!

In order, these are Jumbo Paperclip Bookmarks which I sold all but one, 2x2" square tiles (sold several of these- not sure of exact count- maybe 10-15), Bag Tags- sold very few of these, and a Birthday Thank You Note Kit- only made one and sold it. This turned out to be a good idea and I wished I'd made more. The cupcake stamp was on sale last month and there are lots of cute ways to use it. For this kit I made one cupcake up, and the rest I just stamped on white cardstock then left them blank so the child could color them and fill out the details.
I have two more pics that won't fit on this post so I'll add those next and that will be the end of it, promise!
BTW, everything used in these pictures was Stampin' Up! with a few exceptions, like the tiles, paperclips and plastic tag sleeves which SU doesn't sell. I also did resort to using some ribbon from my non SU stash as well. Everything else, including all stamps, paper and ink are SU! I also just noticed the 2 candles in the first picture- those have the small Decor Elements on them that SU demo's can buy to demonstrate.


  1. Too bad your bag tags didn't sell--they look cute!

  2. Kristen,
    What type f sealer do you use on your tiles. I tryed to spray a sealer the other day and it ran? YOURS ARE AMAZING! Can you help??


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