Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Crocodile Hunter & Pink Poodle named Fifi

Geez, anyone else think this time of year is so crazy busy... and it doesn't seem to end until January! Anyway, I haven't stamped in a few days but I have taken tons of pictures.

Here are my kiddos in their costumes for Trick-o-Treat. I had a Crocodile Hunter & a Pink Poodle complete with a chipboard and rhinestone dog tag and the name Fifi spelled out with rub-ons! That's the best I've been able to do with my supplies in the last few days.

Would you believe that these are about the most creative we've ever been with costumes! I can create on paper, but forget brilliant ideas for Halloween! I'm usually a last minute, whipping-something-together-and-rushing-out-the-door, kind of gal!

Here's about the only picture I took while the Amish crew put our new roof on. It looks so great- I am going to go out and take an "after" picture this morning. They did the entire thing including tearing off the old one, in two days flat! They are workers! They even put my shutter back up that came off in the big winds that damaged our roof and rebuilt a section of the little brick landscaping wall (at left) that had fallen over!
It was neat having them around, hearing their strong German/Amish accents and even having their horses tied up in our garden. When they were all done they invited us to their home to "help" them with their chores. They raise white-tail deer and my son and husband were really interested in the whole thing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go because DD had a birthday party. They said we're welcome back anytime and we'll get a tour of their home next time. Neat!
OK, back to the real deal of stamping on my next post (I hope!). Hope you didn't mind the little tangent for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. the kids look cute & proud of their costumes which is the main thing


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