Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

All right- I finally have uploaded some pictures and cropped and digitally altered to make everything appear better than it really is. LOL! Except me- I'm so unphotogenic so I probably won't even be uploading that picture!

Here's my table with my DD working for me. She does like to help, but she also likes to shop at the other booths which is one reason I don't make much at these things. Ha ha! The pillows on my table are my mom's- she makes the best luxuriously soft pillows for babies and kiddos (my kids LOVE them!) and they are completely washable. My daughter was hoping none would sell so she could have everything left!

Next up are the long-promised domino necklaces. I'm kind of torn about these things- they are pretty and fun to make but I also really struggled coming up with a way to make sure the ink was permanent and didn't rub off. I ended up spraying them with tons of coats of the same sealer I use on my tiles, but I'm afraid they will still scratch off if tested too much. My only option left that I might try is embossing the entire piece with clear EP. However, now that I have the ribbon and jewelry findings on each one I don't want to take those off, so not sure if I'll do it at this point or not.

A few of these I painted with a coat of Luimere- that shiny paint that SU used to carry. Mine is a little chunky now due to age and a crack in the lid, but it still worked and I actually liked the texture it added. Also, the Lumiere helped keep the craft ink in place and not rub off!

Well, I'll save the rest for another day. Thanks, as always, for stopping by!



  1. wow! those necklaces turned out great. I didn't image them looking that way, dont' really know what I imagined but these are really pretty! love your set up, too! so professional.

  2. These are beautiful. What a shame if the ink smears. Don't ya just hate it when you get a project done and then find out it has problems? Especially if it requires a lot of UN-doing, then RE-doing to fix the problem. Chalk it up to experience--next time you'll know!

  3. hi, these are just beautiful. i love the soft colors. i've done a set of dominoes for my dad for his birthday. i used 2 coats of spray acrylic sealer (that was quick), let dry. then i used crystal effects on them. this took an entire night to let dry but it was SOOOO worth it! they look like glass. i have a pic on my


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