Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back I'm back!

Finally, what a relief, the craft fairs are behind me! I have tons of pictures to share and plan to scrapbook this week (yippee!!) so I may just schedule a bunch of pictures I took of last minute preps for fair and then I'll maybe have some pages to post next week. Think it'll work?!?

Hey, remember the domino necklaces I've talked about for what seems like decades? Well, I busted my tail getting them done on Friday to take them with me to sell and you'll never guess! I LEFT THE STINKIN' ROTTEN THINGS ON MY DESK AT HOME!! So, I still have all nine of them. Oh well, my stuff went over well at my last class so I'll either get them out for my next one or else I've got all my teacher's gifts and stocking stuffers done already (and it's not even Thanksgiving yet!).

So, here's a picture of the (stupid) necklaces: Oh geez, don't shoot me.... I haven't uploaded them yet. I seriously went to insert here and no picture. OK, so I'll go do some serious uploading and modifying and I'll be back in a bit. Thanks for stopping by!

PS- Hope you had a great weekend!

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