Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nine years ago today...

I was in my 11th hour of labor about now! That's right, my oldest is a Y2K baby! My DH has my camera right now or I'd post a picture of my baby boy, all grown up. I plan to make him a birthday card while he's out checking his traps (which will take most of the day) and then I'll see if I can get my camera back to post it. (Here's one of the oldest digital pics I can find of him at 4. Before this we used film *gasp*)

For the Diva Coffee Break Design challenge today we are supposed to make something for New Year's (be sure to check out the other Diva's cards linked in the sidebar under the Coffee Cup Image.) Well, I think my birthday card for Hunter should count since today is his birthday and because I'll be lucky to make two cards today. In the mean time I was thinking I'd post a picture of all the nice cards I've gotten, but alas, no camera.

I shouold mention that I do have a camera. In fact, I got a Cannon Rebel DS for Christmas from my DH as a surprise!! But, as of yet I have not loaded the software so I can't upload photos yet. I suppose I could make that a priority today, among other things.

Until I post again (hopefully later today) have a safe and happy New Year's! See ya in 2009!

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