Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been promising and promising and finally I'm done. The Flitting By Decor Elements arrived this morning and I put them up immediately. Here are the before and after pics (some of them) of my daughter's room (minus the new bedding I haven't found just yet)!


Her room has been this blue, yellow and green combination since it was the nursery for our son. Obviously it's been "girlified" but she was tired of it. One wall was all the soft yellow wallpaper covered with tiny bumble bees- it was so cute and I had a hard time (emotionally) tearing it down. The twin bed was mine as a child and the desk was mine in college- it has an inscription on the back that my grandfather wrote after he painted it off-white for me in 1994 just a year before he died. I painted it the light green in 2007 and left the inscription visible on the back.

So here's the after with all the wallpaper stripped, walls painted and butterflies applied! We both adore the butterflies- especially since we planned ahead and they match the paint so well! The only thing left is bedding which will have brown in it as well as shades of pink and I've asked my dad to surprise her with some shelves above her bed for displaying favorite items. The bed is a full and part of a cherry bedroom set I inherited from my grandparents. We use the other pieces in our master but the bed was too small. I'm so glad she's getting use out of it now!

Can you tell the carpet is Sage Shadow? I was concerned about that but it looks really nice with the other colors I think.
The results are in: she LOVES it, especially the butterflies! We even have a secret hidden butterfly that only she and I know is there- she thought that was cool.

OK, I'll quit now. I doubt many of you are interested enough to read all this but this will serve as my scrapbook notes when I get around to doing a page for her.
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  1. oh, it's grown up and pretty the perfect girly room with out being too much! great work! You're such a great mom!

  2. Oh, the room turned out perfect! So much more grown up, yet just right for your daughter's age. This should carry her into her teens. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  3. It's lovely kristin - I adore the sage carpet with the pink walls. Makes me want to paint my sons room those colors... think he'll mind, lol? Your daughter is a lucky gal!

  4. Looks Great!! Love the colors and the DE- (and i LOVE that desk in the light green!!!!)


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