Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunshine, smiles & stamps??

Well, not exactly. It's been cooler and overcast, my kiddos are visiting grandma & grandpa this week and the only stamps I've seen are postage stamps on bills. Well, not exactly true... I do have 2 scrapbook pages laying here all laid out but not glued down. I'll have to show you those in a few days.

But the good news is I'm taking full advantage of having the house to myself this week (hubby is busy with football practice now). I've replaced all the pulls and knobs on all cabinets in the kitchen and both bathrooms (woo hoo, finally!!). It was well past due! Bought and put together 2 new pretty and comfy chairs for the front porch (again, way over due!). Put 24 cobs worth of corn in the freezer for winter thanks to my FIL's garden (green beans are next on the agenda). And my FIL called this evening to say he's picked 6 dozen more for me if I want them. PHEW! I've been keeping a close eye on our 7 puppies that were born on Sunday too. Oh, and I have a new kitchen ceiling light to put up when I get a chance!!

Finally, I spent 2 days cleaning out and packing up my daughter's room because she is ready for a makeover. This will be her 8th birthday present. Her room has been the same for 10 years since it was the nursery when my son was born. Don't worry- it wasn't a baby theme, more like bugs in soft yellow, green and blue (lady bugs, dragon flies, butterflies and bumblebees). I actually felt kind of emotional pulling the adorable wallpaper down- can't believe it's been that long and that she's grown up enough to request a change.

I did take some "before" and "during" pictures that I'll share, and I can't wait for the "after" photos to show you. She has chosen Stampin' Up!'s Rose Red, Pretty in Pink, Pink Pirouette (or even lighter) and Chocolate Chip as her colors. These are based on the butterfly Decor Elements that we plan to use. Her carpet is a close match to Sage Shadow so we'll see how this all turns out- I'm a bit nervous! Will post pics soon...

Well, that's all for now. I guess if you read all this you'll know why I may be MIA for the next few days. We'll head up to MI to pick up the kids this weekend so back to somewhat normal next week (unless I don't have her stinkin' room done yet!).

Thanks for stopping by!


PS-Ooh, I almost forgot to mention that my son's All-Star baseball team won the Championship in a 9U tournament last weekend. It was fun, and we are so proud of him!


  1. Good grief! No wonder you don't have time for stamping! Your daughter's room colors sound wonderful ... can't wait to see pictures. And a big congratulations to your son and his team for winning the championship ... that's a big accomplishment. What kind of dog/puppies do you have? Can't see much of mom except her front legs and part of an ear, but is she a coon hound by chance? Aren't puppies just the most adorable little things? Well, in my book, any baby animal is adorable.

  2. thanks for the catch up! You have been busy. I laugh at you about the drawer pulls, I did that in my kitchen last year and it felt like I got a whole new kitchen. It's amamzing what one small update can do for a room! You go, girl! and 2 pages are better than NONE (which is what I have done in the past few weeks). Hugs!


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