Saturday, August 1, 2009

Before and After

I mentioned yesterday that I've recently remade a card that just wasn't sitting right with me... well, here is the "before" (notice the lighting difference from the two photographs too- interesting).

This first one I did with a sketch in mind and stuck with it even though it went againt my creative instinct. I didn't like the lack of balance in the design (and yes I know I left off a key element from the sketch but I just couldn't work it in I felt). So, here is my remake: Much better visually for me. Of course adding ribbon is always a good idea when a card needs something! I also moved the sentiment where I really wanted it in the first place. Much better design... now I'm happy.



  1. I loved both of the cards but I know what you mean about the second one feeling more balanced. I do that with scrapbook pages. I drive myself crazy and thus have become a very sloe scrapper. I try the sketches and usually tweak them to fit my style. I think of the sketches as a platform to jump start my mojo and then I do what feels right.

    By the way I LOVE your blog and now have you saved in my blog list so I don't miss any of your cute projects. Come visit me anytime would love to have some new Stampin Up buddies. You can find me at

    Have a good night and keep up the incredible work.

  2. I love the cards the butterfly in the middle of the circle what a gorgeous center piece.

  3. Both cards are so beautiful. How did you made such thing? Could you teach us how? LOL!!! I just would like to know.

  4. I love your work. Thanks for the inspiration! Sherrill Graff


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