Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look Out! There are NEW Divas in town!

That's right, our very own Mrs. Diva herself has "hired" not one, not two, but THIRTEEN new Divas to join our group! They are:

Christine Pleiman

Denise Stoner

Elisa Giffin

Ellie Augustin

Erin Rockafellow

Ilse Vargas

Kelly Swienton

Kendra Wisenbaker

Krista Visser-Driessen

Pamela Browne

Shari Taylor

Stephanie Zeto

Tammy Fite

Please stop by each of their blogs and give them a big welcome! I can see we will be stepping up our game a bit in the DCBD challenges each week!

Just as exciting is the announcement of our very own DCBD blog! You can find it
here, or click on the newly designed Diva link at the right (I know it's too small to read right now, they're working on that).

From now on this blog will list our challenge each week and also give a glimpse of each Diva's design for that week, with links to our blogs. Be sure to check it out and play along!

Thanks for stopping by, and WELCOME to each of the new Divas!


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