Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Projects

Since I'm busily working on swaps today I thought I'd post my kids' Valentines they did this year.

I didn't have enough of the small cello bags or they would have both made the same thing. Those bags with toppers were much easier, I must say! My daughter could've done them by herself but I did the Big Shot work and the stamping. She put them together. She really wanted to color something so below you'll notice that she put the skunk from Pun Fun in each one as well, with her name on it. They say "I stink you're sweet".

The pillowboxes were tougher. My son didn't like trying to fold them on the score marks, so I did that plus I tried to just use glue and double sided tape to close them for efficiency, but they were not sticking well. He put the M&M's in them and made the tags, but that's about it. Stinker!

They did each make their own Valentine's Boxes this year. They both wanted Robots so out came the foil and paper punches.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love these pictures! I know I've missed out on a lot because I don't have kids, but I sure do remember making Valentine boxes when I was in grade school ... foil was huge! It would take me over a week to decorate my box so it would look just perfect! THEN, from the box of assorted cards, I'd have to choose just the right one that matched my classmates. Of course the card that had the word "Love" on it went to the boy I liked. Oh, the angst!

  2. LOL, the things we do for our kids! :)

    They're Valentines are super cute, and I love their robots. They kind of look like a silver, friendly Domo. :)


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