Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Stampin' Space!

I always enjoy looking at other peoples' scrappin' and stampin' spaces, so I thought some of you might enjoy seeing mine. After lots of complaining and saving up I "upgraded" in 2005 and what a difference it has made! I'll show you the before and after so you can really appreciate it! By the way, my space is in our bedroom so this was just stressful to look at every day.

Here's the before! What a mess. Since then I've painted obviously, ditched the computer table and cardtable and organized! Oh and got a BUNCH more stuff! Ooh, we also got satellite in our room so no more bunny ear antenna!

So here's how it looks today. I'm not saying it is always neat like this- in fact, this is the reason I took pictures today because it is so rare. Now I can lay in bed and admire all my goodies, even though my hubby doesn't necessarily agree that it is nice to look at my stuff. My countertop is 8' long I think which seems great but when you have a big computer monitor on one end and other things all around it seems to shrink! I can't complain though.

My cabinets were all bought from a Home Depot and were unfinished. I spent weeks sanding, staining and finishing these babies. Then my awesome dad installed them and the shelves he made for me! I started with two shelves but quickly asked for 2 more. My cabinet on the left holds mostly all stamps, while the one on the right is my non-stampin' stuff (phone books, computer manuals, printer paper, bills to file etc.). The drawers on the left hold extra markers, tools, my paper trimmers and wheel handles; stampin' spots, wheels, watercolor crayons;

adhesives, all embossing stuff, handheld punches; and lots of misc stuff in the bottom drawer.

The black file cabinet under my counter is full to the rim of 8.5x11 paper, which I organize by color family. The drawers on the right are mostly all office supplies like pens, calculator, computer disks, USB cables, envelopes etc. and one drawer with all of my SU punches!

My tall cabinet on the right was supposed to hold linens for our bathroom which it did for maybe 2 months. Now it's full of catalogs, scrapbook paper, albums, and lots of other miscellaneous stuff I can't live without.

OK, that's probably way more than you wanted to know. Sorry! Why don't you let me know what you like best about your stampin' space!
Now I'm off to work on a card to post for tomorrow's Diva Coffee Break Designs weekly challenge!
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  1. Congratulations on the upgrade~!!

    The best thing about my stamping place is that everything is in close proximity and easy to get to.

  2. Omiwerd- isn't amazing how much better it feels to have a "real" work space? Awesome job on the sanding and staining- it's mahvelous!!

    (i love seeing craft spaces too!)

  3. this is so cool, Kristen. Now I can visualize where you create! love the overhaul. what a beautiful space you now have. TFS! I'll go post pics of mine today, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see how people 'work' and have their stuff organized.


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