Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sitting right here!

Guess what... I have a card sitting right here that I want to share but my hubby took off with BOTH our cameras! I have a really old camera but I'd have to find it, charge the batteries then try to remember how to upload etc. So not worth it- he'll be home by then!

Today on SCS I found a thread asking us to post our favorite card we've ever done. Well, I thought it sounded fun so I went wading through the 7 pages (at 96 per page= 672) of cards I've posted to my gallery on SCS. What a blast from the past! So nice to see some improvement there! So I thought maybe I'd share those cards with you since they are from well before I started blogging.

Anyway, here they are just for fun (and to stall until I get my camera back)...
Here are the details on this one in case you are interested...
Well crud, I can't find the other one so here's a link to it. 2006 was back before I was very organized in my photo files I guess! This one is from June 2007.
I just remembered that I might have some photos of the kids' valentines projects we did, so I'll go see about posting those...
Have a great Sunday!


  1. I agree! ... this is a great one! Makes me want to go and use this stamp set NOW! LOVE it! TFS!

  2. this is very pretty love the soft colors


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