Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Birthday RAK !!

This is from my great pal Lisa Henke! Isn't it adorable? This uses the Big Bold Cupcake Sizzlits 4-pack on page 201 and guess what she cut out with them?! FELT! That's right- she found some awesome felt and ran it through the big shot and this is how it turns out! It is even better in person because you can feel the texture too. And she actually sewed on here too- for real! I gotta get my machine out of the closet and do this!

Thanks so much Lisa for parting with this gem and sending it my way. You made my birthday extra special!

Thanks Lisa!

In other news, did you see THIS thread on SCS? It is in the demo only forum so if you're not an SU demonstrator you won't be able to see it (sorry!!) but you can all see the projects HERE. This lists the TOP 100 SUO projects in the entire SCS gallery based on views and # of times it was favorited. Guess what!! I'm listed twice and one of them is the #2 project listed! I am in complete shock! How exciting!! I hope you click on the link and check it out because there are so many cool things to see!



  1. Lisa's card is so cute - I bet it was fun to get it in the mail. Hope your birthday was a great one!!

    Thanks for the tip on the link - I'm off to check it out!!

  2. It is truely adorable. Love the colors... Very cute card.. Felt is looking really nice.

  3. OF course you are listed! Your cards and designs are so awesome! Your gallery is one I check on a regular basis. Your ideas are soooo great.
    I made the butterfly fold card for a friend and she loved it. One of your lucky downlines.

  4. holy heck! #2, really? I've got to go check it out, how awesome for you!


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