Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flu Bug!

Sorry for no DCBD card this morning. I helped out at school yesterday until noon and started feeling sick shortly after that. I was up doing you-know-what most of the night. I'm better this morning, but shaky and weak so not sure if I'll be able to make something to post or not.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! Now go get some anti-germ spray and spray your computer monitor just to be sure you don't get this. LOL.

PS- sure wish I had a laptop so I could lounge around on the couch with it today and at least do some blurfing!

EDITING TO ADD: Duh, in the mean time please go check out all the creativity of the other Divas! They would love to hear from you and you'll be sure to enjoy their creations! This week the challenge (DCBD122) is to use the Big Shot in some way- so go try it out and be sure to link your creation to the DCBD blog. Heck, you can link it here too so I'm sure to see it!


  1. Feel better, we miss your inspiration.

  2. oh, you poor thing! hope you are feeling better! take care.

  3. No fun! I pray you feel better as the day goes on. Rest as much as possible.

  4. That whole thing does not sound like fun at all. I do hope you are up and feeling better real soon. Take care of YOU!!!
    Denise from OHio

  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    take care,

  6. I sure hope you feel better soon!


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