Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smile Awards Round Two!

Hello! And welcome to my Smile Awards Round Two! In case you missed my first round, I decided to start posting links to card favorites that really made me smile. I will compile them until I have a good number to share then post them. I am not doing this at any specific interval because I have committment issues. LOL! So here are the cards that just made me smile recently! And don't worry, if you got awarded you don't need to do anything, you already have!

Happy Earth Day by Vera Schoeters
Darling Dots & Doodles Too by Cindy Beach
These two by Natasha Trupp - love them both!
Hip Hop Hangover by Lisa Henke- love both of these also!
Flower Pot Suckers by Jamie Hurley- these are stinkin' adorable and I'm so gonna CASE them!

Thanks for the smiles ladies... and thanks for visiting today! Be sure to stop back- Lisa and I have a challenge for you all and it's a fun one!

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  1. you rock! thanks for the simle, it made me SMILE! hugs to you !


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