Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More scrapbook pages!

Hi! Here are a few more pages I completed this past weekend. These are all for my son's album. The first two have titles made with the Cricut, the last one is stamped. All of my pages are in plastic sleeves already since I am not using top-loading pages for my straphinge album! Sorry for the glare in some cases.

Yes, they are ice fishing on this first one. They are standing in the middle of the lake. See the houses in the background? That's the closest shoreline! It was cold but my son loved every minute of it- that is him with his bare hands stuck down in the ice hole! BRRR!!

Playing in the leaves with the neighbors. Here I used up some old stickers and embellishments from AGES ago!
My son's preschool class during their Halloween party. He is the football player at the top left. Lots of pictures on this layout!
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  1. Look at you go with all those fabulous pages completed! Beautiful work, TFS!

  2. look at you! another great bunch fo pages. love the layouts!


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