Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday RAK!!

This is from my good pal Vera Schoeters whom I had the pleasure of hanging out with at SU's convention last year! I just love the colors and how she cut out the glass and layered it on the textured cardstock and metal edge tag! Thanks so much Vera- you helped make my day great. So did all of you with your birthday wishes- what a great day! I topped it off with a little shopping trip (hey, I had money in my pocket and some extra time on my hands)- picked up a new pair of jeans, a wallet, shirt, ring and necklace all for ME!

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I'll have something I've stamped myself later today, we'll see... sun is shining.


  1. What a wonderful RAK!!! Great card!!

  2. This is so totally cute! Full of personality - I love it!


  3. what a sweet card. Vera is always so good at remembering! good for you on the new digs! It's always nice to get some new things!


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