Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fab Birthday

Have you ever designed an entire card thinking you were using one color, only to find out it was another color?   Oftentimes I use my color coach to come up with color ideas...not necessarily for the combo suggestions, but just to spin out my own ideas until I come up with something I like.  I had decided on Calypso Coral, Raspberry Ripple and Pink Pirhouette... but ended up using Peach Parfait instead of Calypso Coral, and only noticed when my ink didn't match the cardstock!  DUH! 

Turns out I think I like it better anyway.  And bonus, the tiny butterfly was already stamped and punched and in the stamp case!  Obviously the ONLY thing I kept the same from yesterday's card was the sketch.  And I'm fine with that.  I couldn't bring myself to just change the sentiment to make it a birthday card when it started as a sympathy card.  Plus, this sketch was so fun, it only makes sense to use it again in a completely different direction!  

 Here's the inside... and yes, I screwed up.  Did the entire piece then realized as I was sticking it down that it was not the correct width.  Oh well.  I'm going with it anyway!  Also hadn't noticed that little edge of flower just hanging... again, Oh Well!  I'm OK with that too.

Here's the sketch again in case you missed it yesterday.  And the link:  Fab Friday

Thanks for stopping in to see me today!  I appreciate your visits and your kind comments (not so much all the crappy spam I've been getting.  Yesterday it was "Oh, I really appreciate this kind of post.  Please visit me at Hor$ny Asian Wom@n".  Uh, delete!  And I'm so not typing those words exactly or I know I'll get all kinds of junk!)



  1. I hear you about the spam...for me it always starts off as a promising stamping related comment and then quickly veers off the mountain of good taste! This is another super cute card! Love the embossing again and the little ribbon loop is adorable! Thanks for playing (twice!) at Fab Friday!

  2. LOVE this color combo for fall. The embossing give a very elegant touch. Beautifully done! Thanks for playing at Fab Friday (twice)! :)

  3. Oh I think I like this one even better! THe colors are fun and I love the way you did the ribbon. I use the wrong colors and don't notice till it's too late more than I'd like to admit, ha! ANd yes, the spam...it makes me laugh but also annoys me because I think I'm getting a comment when I open the email...and then no...junk:-) Thanks again for playing at Fab Friday!


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