Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Sorry, nothing new right now. Busy working on my daughter's birthday party for tomorrow. We're hoping for a hayride and wiener roast, but with the amount of rain we're getting we are scrambling to plan some indoor games and activities.

Anyone hosting a Halloween or fall birthday party soon? I've done all the work already. Games should include Ghost Charades (win, lose or draw style), Eyeball relay, Zombie Tag, Mummy Wrap, Spider Relay, Slime Relay and Shrinking Island to name a few. We also have candy bracelets complete with skull candies to put together, a jar of candy corn to guess how many, we have glow stick bracelets, and gift bags for everyone. Plenty of candy and prizes.

Just to be sure everyone goes home good a sugared up we've got S'mores, cake and ice cream and did I mention candy?!

I'm always glad to get a birthday party behind me. Phew- they are work! I'm also excited to finally give our daughter her new bedding to match her room that you may remember I worked so hard on this summer. She knows it is coming but doesn't know what it looks like. She agreed she'd like me to have it all washed and on her bed when she gets home from school on Monday (her actual birthday).
Anyway, does anyone care to guess how many candy corns in the jar? I might send the winner a card but sorry, the candy will be long gone after tomorrow night. In case you are wondering, there are absolutely NO broken corns in this jar because I ...ah, kind of picked them out when counting. Just to make it fair, you know. By the way, I put the card in there so you'd not have to ask how big the jar is.

Thanks for visiting and being patient with me. I'm far too tired to be stamping tonight!


  1. Hope your daughter's party is a GREAT one!!

    Hmmm, I'm going to guess there are 478 candy corns in the jar. LOL, I'm so bad at this game! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you are one busy lady getting ready for that party! Sounds like SO much fun. Cracked me up when you said you'd have all those kids sugared up to go home.

    I'm horrible at guessing, but I'll try 237.

    Oh ... I made the little box with mini cards and it turned out SO cute. Will be giving it as a door prize at my next club day. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

  3. I will guess 268..
    Melissa in WI

  4. I love your blog!!! and my guess is 247

  5. Wow do you ever throw a great party!! My guess is 345.

  6. Wow do you ever throw a great party!! My guess is 345.


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