Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Thank Yous!

Well, with the hustle and bustle of the weekend behind me I decided to get right on making some cute and simple thank you cards for my daughter to write in. This is my first use of the Movers and Shapers die the way it was intended- as a window. The Curly Labels with the cupcakes are actually mounted on the inside of the card.

The one on top was my prototype- the white cupcake is embossed. I scrapped the embossing idea for efficiency. Also decided to make them all different so I could use a variety of ribbon instead of finishing off my Melon Mambo dotted grosgrain. The top portion of these cards are dry embossed with an embossing folder and the Big Shot. Two cards can be done at a time by placing them on opposite sides of the folder and running through the Big Shot! I'll try to list all the colors in my supplies at the end. Now I realize I'm not done- I should've made at least 3-4 more.

Since today is her REAL birthday I thought I'd post this picture. Yesterday her dad took her squirrel hunting- I think this is a new tradition for the two of them- squirrel hunting on her birthday. This time I got to go along as the photographer (I was also on trash duty cleaning up what we might have missed in the dark the night before). I remembered my zoom lens this time so got some nice shots. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today!


PS- I suppose I should add that the pink .22 wasn't a birthday gift. She's had it since Easter! LOL! No, her gift was her newly redcorated bedroom remember?! And the new bedspread that she hasn't seen yet... I'll have it washed and on her bed by the time she gets home from school today!


  1. hehehe! love the pink. my boys said it was a fake gun cuz it was pink. it made me laugh and thought you'd get a kick out of it. she looks so proud and happy!

  2. Great picture and so great her dad does something special with her on her birthday.

    Love the cards.

  3. SQUIRREL HUNTING!! Genius. Can you send them both to my house? I have a few squirrels I could "share" with them. he he he

  4. Oh my gosh ... a pink rifle! That would've been a to-die-for present when I was Chesney's age! And how great that her dad did something special for just the two of them.

    Your cards are adorable, too!

  5. great daughter got a pink 22 for her 16th birthday and loves to go squirrel hunting too!!! Girls rule!!!


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