Monday, October 26, 2009

Stamped and stamped and stamped and stamped and stamped....

That's what I've done all evening last night and all day today so far and guess what I have to show you?! Zip, zilch, nada, big fat zero! Why, you ask? Well, this weekend I suddenly became overwhelmed by my stamps. I don't know how it happened- it came out of nowhere, but I had an overwhelming urge to purge!

No I'm not selling them (the hoarder complex ingrained in me will not allow that) but I had to get them out of here. At some point over the last year I realized that (a) I no longer know everything I have, (b)I found myself recalling particular phrases or images that I knew I had, but couldn't recall in what set and (c) became unable to come up with a name for a set when necessary.

So, on Friday night while listening to the football game on the radio I grabbed one of those large storage tubs from the garage and completely filled it... I mean overflowed it with retired stamps that I'm sick of (for now). I still have probably 100 retired sets left plus my current stuff, but now my stacks aren't leaning perilously close to toppling on my head.

I sent a few home with my mom this weekend (with the express and implied stipulation that I can take them back at any given time in the future). The rest I decided need to be cataloged! I'm tired of knowing I have a "thank you" in a pretty script about 2" long but can't find it anywhere. So, I am maybe halfway done with stamping every image from every set I own on to paper which I will categorize in a 3-ring binder for quick and easy reference!! I am excited to have it done, but am actually getting VERY TIRED of stamping right now. My right arm and shoulder are actually feeling very overworked. I may not be able to play volleyball tomorrow night and that would be a near tragedy!

When my binder is all done I will probably show you, but for now I am going to get cleaned up and go out on a walk. I'll leave you today with at least something good to look at, the last Deal of the Week from Stampin' Up!

Princess Party Kit, Regular price $15.96, Special price: $9.99

You can make your princess's fantasies come true with our Princess Party kit.

Pirate Party Kit, Regular price $15.96, Special price: $9.99

Hoist the Jolly Roger and get ready to have a swashbuckling good time!

Have a great day, and thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. I am so glad that I am not alone!!! I feel so much better. I feel everything that you do! I have a binder like that as well. It helps alot.

  2. nope not alone at all, I'm just sooo impressed you took on this tedious task! way to go!

  3. Kristin, Evereytime I have a new stamp set come in I take the sheet with the stamp image on it and make 2 copies of it. One goes in my 3 ring binder and then I cut the 2nd one down to size and place it in my stamp holder little clear box so it's a quick look when I'm out and my stamps are being used that they are all baack where they belong. Now, mind you, I only have Stampin Up stamps, but I have many sets. Hope this might help some.

    Kathy Brown


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