Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To my Wonderful Husband

Oh boy did I struggle this week. I guess because Garden Green and Crushed Curry are not my 2 favorite colors. I didn't feel very inspired making this card and fully intended to make another one with these colors just so I'm satisfied but didn't get around to it yet. I do have something in mind so maybe I'll get to it later today... although I have a tutorial I'm supposed to be working on that you've requested.

Most of this card is pretty self-explanatory but one thing I did want to point out is the edges of the card. I used the perforating tool on the Cutter Kit and just free-handed some rolling lines on all four sides. I felt they sort of mimic the path a fallen leaf might take before it hits the ground.

Anyway, so glad you stopped by today. Now please go visit the Diva blog to view several other samples and to play along with our challenge.
Gotta run, chat with ya later!
SUO Supplies
Stamps: Branch Out, Wonderful Favorites
Colors: Chocolate Chip, Kraft, Garden Green, Dusty Durango, Crushed Curry
Accessories: Cutter Kit, Vintage Brads, wide Chocolate grosgrain


  1. My computer crashed and I've been a mess, but I'm back up and running now, so all is good!

    I've been busy looking at all your projects since the crash, and rather than going back to leave a comment on each one, I hope you don't mind me making one big comment ... BRAVO! I absolutely love every single one. And using the perforating tool on this card is brilliant!

  2. another winner in my book. I love hwo you used the colors, perfect for this perfect tree!

  3. Love your card and you did an awesome job on this color challenge, thanks for sharing

  4. This is lovely....and thanks for telling me what those cute little lines were....what a great idea, cuz I never use that little perforator that I just HAD to have! Awesome!

  5. Oooo, how wonderfully masculine! You managed to make your not favorite colors look fabulous! I really like the bird perched on the f.


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