Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Success!!

**No stampin' related talk whatsoever on this post. Feel free to skip to the next one if you aren't interested in birthday party pictures- thanks**
Birthday Girl- in her glory!
What a blast we had last night! This was the best birthday party we've ever done- the hay ride was great fun with 17 of us squeezed on. The birthday girl opened her presents on the way there which worked out just great!
Here she is with a few friends roasting hotdogs in the woods. This woods that we "borrowed" from some friends was an amazingly perfect setting. We took the wagon deep into the woods where there was a clearing the perfect size for a campfire and the games we had planned. Plenty of room but very secluded and the trees blocked all the wind!
This is her getting Mummy Wrapped! (I wouldn't have known it was her if I didn't see the bottom of her shirt sticking out!)
Here's her great dad who did a great job pulling the wagon with his four-wheeler. He also made sure the fire was just right and the straw bales got all arranged where they needed to be.

Here they are doing the Spider Relay- which was hilarious. I kind of made up my own because the internet game I read said to sew some extra legs to hang over the child while they bear walked. Whatever- no sewing involved. I just made the kids pick partners and they had to bear crawl while one was on top of the other. So they had the appropriate number of legs for a spider but 1 too many heads! I wish I had gotten the video camera out- the squealing and screaming was probably heard for miles! Zombie tag was a hit also but way too chaotic to get great pictures.
Here are all 16 of the kids on the hay ride (1 arrived late)! Birthday girl is way in the back. The only two boys invited were her brother and one of his friends.

I almost forgot, the hayride back home was so fun as well. The kids all took turns with the flashlight to their chins trying to tell made up ghost stories- oh my gosh I needed my video camera! It helped that we were going past all these corn fields! And as we neared home we all raised our glow-stick bracelets in the air and sang happy birthday at the top of our lungs!! It was truly a party to remember.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back to my regular stamping posts hopefully by tomorrow if I've recuperated suficiently.
17 cute kiddos, gobs of candy, hotdogs, apples, grapes, chips, fun games and prizes (more candy), cake, beautiful setting, nice fire, wagon and straw bales, presents and more candy!


  1. What fun to read about Chesney's party! It sure looks like the kids had a great time ... and I bet you're exhausted ... but wonderful memories for everyone.

  2. how fun! Happy Birthday Chesney! I love that you shared this with us!

  3. What fun! What a great party. Glad it was a success.


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