Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Lost Challenge

Hey, remember that brilliant idea I had to post my own color challenge back in January?  This was the color challenge and I had two wonderful participants (one of them I might have begged to play along).  Well, I had promised to not only have more challenges (which I haven't) but also to choose a favorite and show you (which I didn't). Since I had only two I wanted to feature them both on this post FINALLY, but for whatever crazy technical reason, I cannot post Ellen's card.  When I try to save it to my computer it won't show the picture, so it also won't let me upload it here.  I've even tried linking from the URL but that won't work either.  So please just click on her name there and go see it for yourself and maybe, just maybe she'll want to play again if I ever get another challenge posted.

But here is Lisa's card.  Isn't it just the cutest thing?  Lisa has 3 boys so she ROCKS at making cute kid/boy cards espeically! 

Thanks for playing along ladies.  Next time (and I'm hoping that is soon) I'll leave the challenge linky open indefinitely since I make no promises to post challenges at regular intervals. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Love to hear from you!


  1. hey....that's my card. thanks for the shout out!!! you know I love a great challenge!

  2. I have been absent from the world of card-making, paper-crafting and blog checking for months now! :( But thanks for trying to show my card! I have no idea what would cause the problem. I'll have to check with my technologically savvy husband. :)


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