Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've always enjoyed making Monogram Notecards for gifts or to sell at craft shows.  I gave my sister a set for a holiday last year and she recently sent me her last one, with a note asking for more.  :)  I am happy to comply, but am still working on the perfect design.  Since they are notecards and I want to make several, I like to keep them simple.  Here are a few I've tried so far.  These top two were inspired by Dawn O.  She even has a video with some neat tips. 
Here's another that I came up with.  When I finalize my design I'll make them in a number of colors for a variety and so she can kind of taylor them for whomever she wants to send them. 

I thought it would be kind of nice to have a lot of examples in one place, so here are a few I've made over the years as well: 

Shoot, the last set I made my sister didn't even get photographed. I'll have to do that and add it.  You may be noticing one thing in common on every one of these... the Monogram is done with the Lovely Letters Alphabet set.  There are other current alphabet sets that would be pretty for monogram cards, but this is the one I have so I use it every time.  The good thing is, it is still available in the current catalog. 

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  1. The first picture is my favorite!! I'd LOVE to know the stamp sets you used as well as how you got the oval cut with the embossed dots around it!!


  2. Hi Kristin,

    I love your cards, but I am getting the crease line from the folder as well. Did you find a trick to not getting it while using regular cardstock? Please let me know, thanks for your cute blog!


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