Friday, March 16, 2012

Words With Friends Birthday Card

In February one of my good friends, who happens to play Words With Friends with me, turned 40... so I had this brilliant idea to make a Words With Friends themed card at the last minute.  Well, last hour.  OK, maybe two hours and that is how long it took.  If I'd started sooner it would've been square and had other squares filled in, and in general looked more authentic.  But I barely made it out the door on time with this one and it was a surprise party so my typical lateness would not have been very effective!

But it was FUN!  Here's a shot of the inside that didn't take near as long as the front.  I wanted to glitter up the "40" and the cupcake, but I knew it wouldn't dry on time so had to skip that step too. 

Well, that's my attempt at a humorous homemade 40th birthday card.  She got a good laugh out of it so that's what matters! 

I've been enjoying this beautiful spring weather, and trying to get some other projects done which is why I haven't been on here much lately.  If this weather keeps up then that might not change any time soon.  We'll see.  I'm ready to sit and stamp today, but my desk is a disaster from the last few weeks of hecticness.  Did get my taxes done yesterday though- huge relief! 

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