Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Scrapbooking!

Sorry I haven't posted yesterday or today... I've been scrapbooking. My BFF came over yesterday afternoon and we chatted mostly and scrapped into the evening. Today I plan to do much more while the rest of my family all has plans and the house is quiet.

I may or may not post pictures of my completed pages. I'm working on my husband's "Critters No Moore" album which is the name of his Nuisance Removal business. We're a very outdoor family, which for him includes lots of hunting and trapping. For me that means lots of pictures that not everyone is comfortable looking at!

If I post them I will first post a fair warning so you can avert your eyes if you wish. Hopefully that will suffice so no one is seriously offended. If you are I apologize and hope you come back. I don't regularly post my scrapbook pages anyway (cause I don't do a whole lot and I'm not all that good at it)! I've only complete 3 pages so far so I'm going to go get busy then maybe have several more to choose from so you only see my "best" work! ;)

Thanks for stoppin' by- hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

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