Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clean & Simple Challenge!! *CAS05*

I had something pictured in my mind, but something went terribly wrong. Well, not something, but several somethings! I started out embossing the oval using an Oval Cutter (CM) and my Silicone Rubber pad for the BIg Shot and a stylus. OK, that worked.

Then I did some masking, reverse masking and stamping. Well... my flower stamp had some strange fuzz on it so you can see a strange pattern on it, my grass didn't stamp great.

Then I tried to sponge the oval but missed my scored/embossed oval line (duh!). Well, then I just tried to salvage it the best I can. Covered a few things with my sentiment and butterfly. I decided to post becasue it is a nice "idea" in theory so maybe someone else can try it and perfect it!

If you missed yesterday's CAS challenge to use Blue & Green on a clean & simple card then go try it out right now!

Glad you stopped by! Thanks for all the sweet comments- they always make me smile!


  1. I don't really care how much you think you messed up ... it's so beautiful, seriously! Sometimes things don't always turn out like we planned, but the end is result is what counts and this is beautiful!

  2. your mess up turned out beautiful LOL

  3. At first glance it is fabulous. I wouldn't have even noticed anything wrong. I love it. I can't wait to copy it. Thanks for sharing. At second glance it is fabulous!

  4. Quite frankly, I can't see any mistakes ... I think you're trying to fool us! Great card and I love the butterfly.


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